(feat. Ski Mask The Slump God)

Fuck V2, I'ma say it again, Fuck V2
What the fuck is V2?
Who the fuck is Nyora Spouse?
We kill this nigga on tracks every fucking time
Trash ass rapper
Nigga just stop rapping, what the fuck you rapping for?
Fucking Tensaki nigga, what the fuck that even mean?
Don't make no fucking sense
All your bitches ugly, you skinny as fuck
You fucking bathe in Clorox
He's dirty as fuck, don't take showers
You ashy as fuck, your lips fucking chapped
Nigga kill yourself, fucking kill yourself nigga
You dirty, and I mean that

Dick all in her throat's hole, YOLO (Aye)
Wanna fuck a bitch take a photo, Yoko (Aye)
Asian bitch London Tipton, slow sippin'
Double up, fuckin double cup, fuck a butt sluts, when I fuck (Aye)
Just run fuck a pun in the bun, slit her throat, suck and fuck a soul (Aye)
Vegetate, slave, when a fade, fuckin renegade (Aye)
I'm a young Kelly Clarkson, fuckin princess (Aye)
Fucking incest, wincest, give her sex, sex in the vest (Aye)
Strapped come my way say, he a gay, in a V fuckin' 2 (Aye)
Matter fact, I'ma slap his momma just for having him (Aye)
And slap up on her daddy just for speaking to the broads (Aye)

[Verse 2: $ki Mask The Slump God]
Fuck a V2 tryna go like the buttons on R2-D2
Mothafucka who you
But the new niggas act like the snakes do
But like a fat bitch I'm tryna move where the cake move aye
Fineto, magneto, fatality your earhole
I'm fuckin while she breath slow
That's Nyora Spouse main hoe
Step up in the paint and I'm Picasso on yo face though
Picasso when I paint hoe
Your bitch suck me like a leech, all her loss of speech
Tell the bitch to breath, dick by a muthafuckin G
When that K gone, let it spray nigga I ain't playin
I'm a come to your muthafuckin house OK
She always tryna suck, give her ashy knees
I ain't tryna please no thot, no cape on me
I ain't tryna save no hoe, no games I'm done
You a pussy and this song was for play play aye