[Verse 1]
She came to fuck, it was picture perfect
Different person when she texting, guess her heart was hurting
She need attention I'm guessing I didn't get the message
She told me "Bae, I know you miss me, why you still pretending?"
Louie loafers, Fendi, and different colors matching
She leave her house like she winning a fucking beauty pageant
And when she older, she told me she wanted to be an actress
Keep that spray in that condo in case a nigga actin'
She got some issues she told me her daddy beat her 50
And she tried to do stripping but I guess it wasn't fittin'
Now she fucks with these fuckers, she just want the dollar bills
Fuck it when this shit is real, bitch you know it's real
Yeah, never caught them to save a ten
Never be inside a court like it's a fucking journey
Damn, call Diamond, Downy and Guapo
20 and that Henny in case a nigga could Chapo
They like Similac and milk in that baby bottle
Bumpin' that Metro Boomin say "fuck it" just let the shots roll
Fuck it just let the shots roll

[Verse 2]
Momma wouldn't stand that baby going to jail
Momma always wanted her baby going to Yale
40 in that fanny she hit me straight for ya tail
She don't need a tutor for paying the baby bail
Yeah, why selling the MacBook
Better tuck his chain if the nigga don't want his neck took
And for all my niggas who chilling who have my back bruh
Sitting with that fanny just waiting for you to act up
Fuck it just let the shots roll
Tired of these bitches and nigga do want the top though
Catch a nigga slipping and nigga it ain't even my dough
Nigga talking funny, said "fuck it" just left his jaw broke
Case it, I law and order
Tell you a nigga like you never fuck with my daughter
Nino on the Yachty, that honor bitty my side(y)
Homie fuck the rapping, we pulling up with the shotty
Yeah, aye rock like Biggie and Pac did
Tell you what that Nina with Rio, Bria in Bel-Air
Always miss my uncle, a gamble just like casinos
Lately I been chilling, I been chilling, I hit up my nigga Chino
Hush, fuck it just let the shots roll
Looking like Khalifa and Yeezy mixed with a Pac, oh
"Who you favorite artist?" I tell these niggas "I don't know"
Bitch you love my music so where the pussy and guapo

Could it be the way that I'll catch up