XV – One Of One Lyrics

XV – One Of One Lyrics

All these boring rappers

All these boring rappers, I would think y'all wouldn't need rest
Still, they're sleeping on me, only they ain't see my dream yet
Telling me I'll be next, cut it out like a c-sec
Staring at the screen of my apple 2-gs
Room, off to squaria we going that would be my room
Kill them with the flow, the studio becomes a tomb
Stay in tune, hit every note
But I refuse to be convinced 'til I'm getting every vote
Want to know the price of fame, I can't even get a quote
Tell them hoes I want to hang, I can't even get some rope
But I got them in control once they pick up their remote
And I don't gloat, it's funny though, cause you'll never know
I was the seventh grade's wordiest child
They heard my style was a flow that led to courteous bows
But deep inside, I tried to hide behind my permanent smile
Hope that perfection's somewhere lurking around, but now…

[Hook:] x2
They can never make me, I'm a one of one
Go and try to replace me, they'll say it can't be done
Because, everybody's nobody but nobody is me, yep
Everybody's nobody but nobody is me, yep

[Verse 2:]
See, everything you do, you do for yellow meets where blue
I do for him, her, me, and you, 'til I'm the threesome track from two
Never was a project dude
I was that dude making science projects in that ivy school, wondering why I
Can't be cool
Mama hope for ivy leagues, instead I was rapping tracks

Get at poison ivy green, even though I'm batman black
Told me I was gifted, so I thought: I have to rap
Bachelor pad, full of bad bitches cause now I mastered that
Man they're here from space, g, but kansas might have changed me
It only made me stranger like a person you can't name, see
I wrote scripts to make the girls like me
I'm promising actress, I would have that broad casted like a livestream
So one time for them squarians who riding
They held son down, now the dark night's rising
At times I didn't fit in, and went in to hiding
Until someone came to remind me

[Hook:] x2

[Verse 3:]
How could a nigga be so fly that the sky was below him
Man, it shines so bright that his eyes couldn't show 'em
Vizzy vizzy vizzy, you know him
The turtle that breeze in my hair like a comb
A click in my heels still couldn't take me home
And wishing on a star couldn't do nothing for 'em
Crabs in the bucket, but lucky I wasn't worried 'bout no beaches
So all I gotta do is make them see this, believe it

She's trying to draw me with a paintbrush
You say you want me but you hate us
You say you want me but it ain't love

She said she doesn't want to see me
I'll let your heart break freely
I guess you'll never know the real me
She should meet me

[Hook:] x2