XV – Boss Level Lyrics

XV – Boss Level Lyrics

Yeah, this shit shound like video game music
Like the boss level, that's where we should take it

Boss level, boss level, boss level
Boss level, boss level, boss level
Boss level, boss level, boss level
Boss Level, boss level

Yeah, this that King Bowser flow

Creepin' up on that boss level
Tell me what that cost for you
Jewellry all made in China
Know one of them diamonds is all yellow
I be out in ny hittin' that Lala like I'm Carmelo
You know they try to lock the rappers
Don't f-ck around let them dogs smell you
Used to ball like ea, now I'm on that 2k
Thirsty bitches like who they?
That Fly boy club baby hu-rray
And all my niggas get fooley droppin' shit to me, you could get souffle
Just kick back like Lui Kang, before a nigga pop at your toupee
And I don't ever f-ck with a 2-face, you can leave that up to Bruce Wayne
Run this town and I run this block and I run this street
Give me 2 lanes, come alive at night, give me 2 fangs
Bands on tre and a few chains
And I'm sorry girl, I done had a few drinks
Man I couldn't tell you who came
See I used to wanna stop on Apollo and now I run the f-cking Apollo
I don't even need that joint up in Harlem
Talking bout space shuttles up in the Cosmos
Where we at, someone better call a tarot

Boss level, boss level, boss level
Boss level, boss level, boss level
(Creepin up on that boss level)
Boss level, boss level
(Creepin up on that boss level)

Came too far to turn around now

[Verse 2- xv]
Got more checks and I got more numbers
Got more bread than I got more wonder
Bra's in my hand but them chicks like somethin'that are high maintenance like top floor plumbers
And I keep mad rubbers, Amex card, yeah I keep that from her
Cause all in all they know I ball and so they call just to see that jumper
One night stay at the United center
Then I gotta stop at the bank
Cause I turn the mall into Madison square
This flow right here don't see no breaks
Running back throwed cause I'm in that flows
In at the shows f-cking mad hoes, she gimme that p-ssy like American hoes
I shoot for the moon like witches on brooms
Niggas just wonder when Vizzy gon' vroom
I'm turning the key now niggas stay tuned
Why is you gassed, you niggas is fumes
Look at your ass, niggas is doomed
Cd is trash now pick up a broom
I'm up in a room with bitches on shroom's
La mornings and Vegas nights, Toga parties and pagan lights
All I know is this aint just flight, but she said drink it'll change ya life
Now I'mmm, wonderin' where we are
Tell em