Xoth – Unseen Abductor Lyrics

Xoth – Unseen Abductor Lyrics

Blood disease, immense wealth
Laboratories operate in stealth
Experiments for the holy grail
Darkened caverns where the tortured wail

Scientific torture rack
Dispose remains charred black
Cryptic desire to live forever

Unexplained disappearances
Vanishing within the mist

Deep inside the cave
Shackled down like slaves
Dna extract
Chromosomes attacked

Science and sacrifice
Both combine tonight
Spliced and split until
You’re an empty shell
Passing into death
Tossed out like the rest

Remains placed
Impossible odds
Alien technology masked in fog
Manipulation for a future war
Clothes displayed where they weren't before

Return with no memory
Holographic mind control
Implemented on
Their souls

Feel the creature’s breath
As it breathes down your neck
Unseen by human eye
Abduction into the sky

Smell the creature’s stench
Drawing close, feel the clench
Snatched with no trace or sign
Missing for the rest of time