Xoth – Plague Revival 20XX Lyrics

Xoth – Plague Revival 20XX Lyrics

Frozen under the snow
An ancient dormant disease
Cryogenic containment
For millions of years
Mutatious Pandemic Awaits

Pathogenic Prophecy
Foretold in the ice
Bacterium wrought apocalypse
Rises from, the darkest depths

Blood fills with viruses
Gangrene, rotting flesh
Innards deteriorate to slime
Infect, Decay

Ancient Curse
Oozing from the sores
Delirious madness taking hold
Societal collapse
Bloated corpses
Fuming pungent stench
Mass Graves, burning bodies, plague unleashed at last


Trapped beneath the ice
The outbreak has come from below
The plague has been revived
Terrible death has come from the snow
Festering patiently
Biding its time
Awaiting exhumation
Merciless, Stygian
Ebolic demise
Witness mass extinction

Darkest sides of man arise in its decline
Mass orgies
Syphilitic abyss
Hollow shells of once great monuments
Empty necropolis

Mourn the life you had
Necrotized nostalgia
No future
Aeons of torment
No possibility of a cure

Trapped beneath the ice
Vengeance has come from below
Trapped beneath the ice
Gargantuan viruses emerge from the snow

Trapped beneath the ice
Bubonic malevolence lies
The plague has been revived
The temple of man has now been excised