Xoth – Back To The Jungle Lyrics

Xoth – Back To The Jungle Lyrics

Return to primitive nature
All that we have made

Patterns of destruction
Halt all progress

Back to the jungle

Extinction level event
Pyrocaustic purge

Poison ash
Vesuvian mnemonics
Charring from the sky


The timeline is done
Damnation has come
Instincts leading the way
Nothing will last
Sent back to the past

Time to hunt or be prey

Those who survive
Will fight for their lives
Filled with terror, drenched in gore
Sharpen your spears
Conquer your fears
Back to the jungle once more

Awaken from dark dreams
Now I see
I’ve gone back to the jungle
Heed the prophecy of recurse
Going back to the jungle

Primal awakening
The savage spirit guides us
Barbaric we’ve become
Embrace the ways of ancient man
Exposed beneath the sun

To hunt to survive
Animalistic instincts
Overriding intellect
Burning cortex
Loss of reason
Welcome to the hunting season