Xero – Nobody Owns Me Lyrics

Xero – Nobody Owns Me Lyrics

Artist: Xero & DChesron
Album: Representing
Song: Nobody Owns Me


Yo what the fuck is going on
Yo motherfuckers outthere
Talkin shit everyday or what
Shit where my homeyz at right now?
I don't see em for one bit
I thought they learned, I thought they earned
But they didn't do shit for me
They told me im the fucking homey
Now they become phoneys on my enemies


Everybody's phony, nobody own me
Everybody's phony, so fuck my homeys (2x)

Nobody own meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (2x)


I took that step now, and everybody wanna own me
Like Im their fuckin homey
I started 2 rap now, nobody wanna be my real life friend
They told me (they told me)
So fuck em all, cuz Imma mc showin abilities
And makin this ppl from the backdoor kissin me,
And listenin 2 what I got 2 say, no way
Imma piss in my pents when they beat my place (mothafucka)
Gettin all raughed up, generated by the new goverment
With that techno nation
Embrace them, wreckin and backin it down, gotta die real soon,
Cuz we all faced them and take them,
2 tha followin minded grindin and shinin rhymin unholdin
Cosperation gotta go facin and makin re-react 2 tell them residents
Its a one nation no hatin
Now Im back it took me a long time
2 recofer from the soffer I took back in time
Seein blood, killin spreed but no love
From the homeyz tellin me 2 kick it down with the thugz


Waitin too much time 2 diss motherfuckas in time
Lil d takin the hits, so we gonna reply
Killin this flies, makin em cry, bitches it's time to die
Like that time we said they die tonight.
I can't stand their ways, they say dickriders
But we are playaz not hataz, they bustas, cocksuckaz
Roaches and hoaxes, they losers.. bitch what the fuck u talkin..
About, cuz im ready to kill yall, with fofos
This horny hoes get ready to fuck with yall…