Xe-None – Slave On_line Lyrics

Xe-None – Slave On_line Lyrics

No more reasons, no sense
You lose the feelings – lose yourself
Come and get – switch off your mind
Now you are fixed by drugs on-line

Make one move – and you're connected
Brains are digital infected
Something hides and slowly disappears in the dark
You sink in digital embrace
The child of coming future race
All you get is nothing. Slave on line

Slave on line
No more sense No more feel
Slave on line
Is no dream and is no real
Slave on line
You're caught, you're trapped
Slave on line
Cyber life – real death

All emotions should be killed
You become a half-machine
And you get this magic feel
And any wish become the real

No face, no name
Just nick and mail
You don't know –
Who's on the other end
No face, no name
Is it your best friend?
A dusted image
On thumbnail

Slave online
Life is lost deep inside
Slave online
Make your life digital