Xavier Wulf – You Can’t Cut Me Lyrics

Xavier Wulf – You Can’t Cut Me Lyrics

"I can't believe this."
"Have you read these reports?"
"Yes, I have."
"Do you see what they're saying about you, sensei?"
"Yes, I do, but it doesn't matter."
"How could they?"
"I-I don't know."
"What are they doing?"
"They're j- they're fools. Okay? Relax."
"What are they doing?"
"It's okay. I have a lot to say."
"You don't do nothing but keep it real, sensei."
"I know, but I have a lot to say. This isn't the end. It is not the end"
"But they don't sensei. They're just fools."

You can catch me in the seireitei all damn day
Nobody tries to come fuck with me
And if they do, I'll cut them down to a piece
I promote peace, but my haters don't agree
I see y'all on twitter talking shit 'bout me
And that's cause you don't know shit 'bout me
If you knew my story you would cry yourself to sleep
I ain't scared of nobody but M-E
Hollowsquad mobbing through the whole damn street
Even Captain Aizen got respect for me
I don't give no fuck about no rap industry
Imma watch anime and smoke my weed
Niggas mad as fuck cause my style so clean
And I bet yo girl follows me on IG
Oh now you really mad
Well, come and find me
Bitch, I'm in some ice
Come too close and you will freeze

"Damn, sensei. That's exactly what needed to be said."
"I know."
"But, that won't hold them off for long."
"I know."
"You gotta- You gotta come harder, sensei."
"Of course."
"You know what I mean?"
"Yes, it's about that time."
"You gotta tell them."
"I know."
"You gotta let them know, sensei. You are the truth. That's all you speak, sensei. We know. Your whole squad knows. You have the whole co- whole fleet at your command, sensei. You're the truth, sensei. These are just fools. I'll see you later, sensei. I have chores. Goodbye."