Xavier Wulf – Space-Men Lyrics

Xavier Wulf – Space-Men Lyrics

[Intro: Xavier Wulf]
Aaaaaaaaaah, ha
Waaaaaan, ah
I'm sittin' on a planet with no name and I'm blazin'
Relax, it's all good
You a foolish little player
Do you, I'ma do me
Damn, ah

[Verse 1: Xavier Wulf]
I'm sittin' on a planet with no name and I'm blazin'
Bitch, I know you ign'ant, you a foolish little player
Deja dancin' in my glacier
Bitch, I'm impatient, I don't want to say shit
Yeah, I might be young, but I'm smarter than you is
Bitch, that's the truth, haters want to call truces
Bitch, you play with me and I'm knockin' shit loose quick
You foolish, you don't want to do this, I do this
Bitch, you know I got my own movement, I'm groovin'
You choosin' to follow them losers, you losin', I lose them
This girl don't want to watch a damn movie
She want me in coochie, then go get me a loosie
Yeah she bad to you, but to me she just a hoochie
I don't give a fuck about your Louis and your Gucci
On my way from Hell, cause I felt like movin'
Now I'm in the sky with some snow and amusement
Ice castle magic, when I'm in it we fusion
Don't get this confusion, you fools are abuses
Now they mad as fuck cause my power on the doom list
Number one spot, Hollow Squad really do this
Fuck you rap niggas, y'all some lyin'-ass doofies
Catch me in the water but I ain't D. Luffy
Cause he can't swim and I float like sushi
Clear armor wrapped around my squad, we illusion

[Interlude: Xavier Wulf & Chris Travis]
Wow, did you hear that?

[Verse 2: Chris Travis]
Feel it in her body, nigga, feel it in her soul
Young Kenshin Travis came to take over the globe
Fuck you niggas mean? I just flex on these hoes
Fuck a nigga mean, nigga, you ain't 'bout no dough
I'm just doin' what I got to do to get some funds
If a nigga try me, I'ma take out his lungs
Fuck a nigga mean? Nigga, I got the funds
Money on my mind, nigga, is you fuckin' dumb?
Swervin' in the dump, nigga, fuck a bad bitch
I'on't give a damn, watch me hit the light switch
Stay up in my lane, nigga, you know I got bricks
Or the Actavis, and nigga, I'ma sip that shit
Fuck you niggas mean? Fuck you niggas mean?
With my team and we get high with the beam
And you already know young Kenshin do his thing, bitch