Xavier Wulf – Servin Suckaz On Sight Lyrics

Xavier Wulf – Servin Suckaz On Sight Lyrics

So what do we have here?
Another sucker ass nigga
Another buster ass nigga
Another snitchin ass nigga
Another fuck boy, another fuck nigga

Another pussy fuck nigga
Ole scary ass fuck nigga
Ole weak ass nigga
Fuck you mean? what you gone do
Not a got damn thing, you a fuck nigga
I know about ya, Bitch

[Verse 1]
Now a sucka is a sucka ass nigga
And ain't gone do shit cause they don't wanna see triggas
They talk that shit when a nigga out the picture
And don't turn ya back cause they probably gone hit ya
Nigga im forreal fuck niggas live still
If they in the street, i'll try to hit em with the wheel
My nigga no deal, that nigga ain't real
And I know that cause he snitched on the field
Fuck a nigga mean? im still for the kill
I know its fucked up but im trynna get the feel
Nigga im forreal , i hate these bills
My main bitch mad cause i get it how I live
And Ion give a fuck cause how long will i live
I gotta do me and that's just what it is
I'm coming through the club with the whole damn clique
2.7.5 now he actin like a bitch

[Verse 2]
Round two hella clean, mean wit the fuckin beam if a sucka try me
They know that I ain't finna play, nigga no damn way I can break a whole team
I'm smoking my muthafuckin weed, dolo just me
Do we still got the beef
Fuck nigga lookin real red
And he shaking like he scared, like he see a damn G
Yeah nigga, yeah nigga, hell yeah nigga
Iinfered gleam , got em feeling dead young nigga
Gotta think quick for the bread young nigga
Fuck the pussy, get her head young nigga
Ima keep it G like I did young nigga
I'll never tell the cops what we did my nigga
My nigga I'm me till the end my nigga
Play me and I gotta sin my nigga