Xavier Wulf – Know Yo Place Lyrics

Xavier Wulf – Know Yo Place Lyrics

Yeah sir this one goes out to all you soft ass faggot ass fan boys in my comments all on my shit
Thinkin you know me
You soft ass nigga you ain't never knew me
You don't know nothing about where I'm from or how I got or who I met
Bitch ass nigga

[Verse 1]
M-E-M-P-H-I-S, yes
Go on fail this test boy and get your ass pressed next
I dont give no fuck bout none of them hoes
I dont reply to texts
I just let em sit in there
Headphones up in my ear
Music still loud cause you ain't sayin shit I need to hear
La-la-la-la-la, and turn around and walk up out of there
I dont give a fuck bout none of them niggas
Keep them over there
She sent me a text too late like, Aye baby-boo, is you near?
I said, fuck you want
She said, bruh please get me up out of here
I said, where you at?
She said, we chillin at his momma crib
Worst part about it I ended up stranded over here and he ain't even got no weed, now he tryna go jug a Uber man
I said, bitch I'm sorry, so sorry for your dilemma ma'am
But I gotta make back to the bank before five fam
Ima have to get you up off of my line like now
I ain't gon say it twice shit Im hangin this bitch up right now

[Recap 1]
Thats right my nigga
Like I said I dont give a fuck about none of these hoes and I dont give a fuck about none of these fan think-they-know-it-all ass niggas
I built my career based off doing whatever the fuck I wanted to do whenever the fuck I wanted to do it

[Verse 2]
Im ridin down the block with Doctor Jeff Slickskin
Cause you dont ever know whats goin through his head
Yeah and I think them niggas was really dead bruh
But fuck it I said my grace lets get this bread
Yeah, yeah
You niggas weak you niggas ain't fed enough
Thats why you mad bitch what you playin for
Me and my niggas built a whole new game up
And yall know I ain't lyin
Bitch you know the same thang huh
Im one of the first underground kings
And we was the first screamin fuck the mainstream
We the ones said fuck a deal
Get yourself some skill, a little dedication in the will
Mix it all together thats a formula to kill
Its Slaughter Wulf Woe
Pay yo homage or be squealed
My pig nose forty so gorge- it give em chills
She said lets go hop off in it and spin it back to your crib, nigga

[Recap 2]
Thats right my nigga lets do another recap
Like I said I dont give a fuck about nan none of these hoes I don't give a fuck about nan none of these niggas
Yall can hate, do what you want to but at the end of the day ain't none of you niggas ain't never been on shit
Nigga, yeah

[Verse 3]
Go tell them haters take a chill pill and catch a cab now
Why she tweakin, why she geekin?
Where her ride at?
I run a business, 1-800-GETYOURCLOUTBACK
Damn my phone ringin right damn now, boy would you look at that?
You want a verse?
Ill do you worse and send this hearse back
And dont hit my email if you ain't got them fire beat packs
You lyin hatin ass rappers can retire that, yeah
Or catch this final form Wulf Attack

[Recap 3]
Yeah my nigga lets do one final recap
I dont give a fuck about none of you niggas
I swear to god I dont-
I swear to any god I dont bruh
I do me how I do me nigga
I ain't never listen to nan nigga
Im never gon start listenin to nobody
Fuck all you niggas, you understand?
I do what I want to do how I want to do it when I wanna do it