Xavier Wulf – Just Know Lyrics

Xavier Wulf – Just Know Lyrics


[Verse 1: Black Smurf]
Nigga like me tryin' to count a hundred-thousand
I'm a sight to see, yeah, that's why your bitch smilin'
Plottin' on me, have you floatin' on a island
Rounds on me, have you leakin' like a fountain
East Memphis streets, you can catch a nigga loungin'
Your bitch callin' me cause she want her pussy pounded
Way they hate on me, man, I swear this shit's astoundin'
Nigga play with me, in your blood you'll be drownin'
Money, sex, and weed really all these hoes demandin'
First I fuck your bitch, after that I leave her stranded
Disrespect my set, I'll leave your block abandoned
Control with them duckets, watch how quick I make you vanish

[Verse 2: Xavier Wulf]
You know it's Fuhrer Woe when I'm faceless
I should be the only nigga they should call dangerous
I told the bitch, "I ain't interested in datin' shit"
She said, "Well then can we just fuck?" I say, "Negative"
Bitch, I don't know you niggas but I'm still aware of you
Try to kill me, I cremate you, fuck a burial
I'm a pro at aerial assaults from any area
My area ain't easy to be beat, you fools is fearin' us
East Memphis bangin' like some bees on us
And shoutout to the seas, y'all should link and tuck
And fuck a damn gun, put them deuces up
I'on't see some men, y'all some sissies, bruh
I'ma explode if I power up
I need to sit my ass down 'fore I start some stuff
And I'on't fuck with hoes that startin' stuff
Cause all they want to do is get they credits up