Xavier Wulf – Hollow Man Lyrics

Xavier Wulf – Hollow Man Lyrics


[Verse 1]
Bitch I'm Hollow Man con fools forever man playing [?] but they don't want it man
Plan B Hollow Man's finna form again Final Form Wulf killin don't remember shit
(Yes It Can) Yeah boy this yo bitch but I ain't trynna hit but she got some weed
So I'm smoking all of it every time I do a song they like damn man
Mosh Pit Party bitch get on my level man club owners mad cuz we goin too ham
I ain't SGP but I don't give a damn (Bitch, Understand me)
(Yes the fuck it can watch this) Hollow Man gettin bands in advance man
I don't care about you hating beat my ass then hoes say I'm cold
I'm like bitch I know man call me Tundra Boy I'm forever frozen

Yes I can bitch and I gotta get it fuck you mean?
Foolish ass fool I know you see this mask