Xavier Wulf – Fort Woe Lyrics

Xavier Wulf – Fort Woe Lyrics

Who? Who?
Who? Who?
Who? Who?

[Verse 1]:
You see rain eroded Zahra jewels embedded in my chest piece
Armor on me especially you need to bring catastrophe
All my squad be waiting up for me to come and take the lead
Now we headed out in your direction just to check on thangs
Who these niggas think they talking to I make them run from me When I pull up she in slow motion while she run to me
I don't give no fuck bout none of you boys you won't be seen with me
You rappers talking shit but you still wanna feature me
All my niggas smoking where we are you can't say anything Gundam gas laced inside my blunt
I'm smoking everything
Should I pull off with his bitch and let her taste test everything?
I could twist tornado that'd be worse than what the nature bring
Why she looking at me like I got her ass a wedding ring
I looked back at her and I said "Ho, do you know anything?"
I can't trust this bitch that's how I feel and that stick permanently
I move with my own devotion, fuck whoever is in front of me

Who? Who?
Who? Who?
Who? Who?
Who? Who?
Who? Who?

[Verse 2]
I hear these rappers talking shit but they still wanna feature me
Bitch go watch me laugh while I deny a whole company
I'm the worst thing that could've happened to this industry
Now they look my way with side eyes cuz they don't fuck with me
I don't subtweet I hit the @, what's his link my G
I'ma tell the truth that's why these liars never fuck with me
All my Niggas living in a swarm of insanity
You know I don't use the guns but some of my niggas ain't the same as me
You bitch