Xavier Wulf – Excalibur Lyrics

Xavier Wulf – Excalibur Lyrics

Hypebeast clowns sit the fuck down (x8)
Everybody wanna do what I do, but they can't do it like Lezay, like Lezay (x4)

[Verse 1]
A lot of fools talk shit on me but then give me props
And then talk shit again, you niggas need to stop
Bitch I will go hard on the track if I want
But if I'm just chillin, I'll get on that bitch & walk
See niggas be like "Wulf, your first tape go the hardest"
"You be slackin now." I'm like Nah nigga stop it
See I ain't got no competition with you lame rappers
I don't even rap & you still can't out rap me
Damn man y'all just some true ass lames
If I go back to the old flow I'll kill the game
But I don't give a damn bout that rap shit mane
Cuz all you niggas lie & you all sound the same
How in the fuck could you ever take aim
At a nigga like me that shit is just insane
God damn bruh, y'all so irritating mane
I could kill you fools in a trillion different ways (you bitch)


[Verse 2]
Now let me explain this confusion bout my name
I started off as Ethel but that shit got lame
I started feeling bad about using a fake name
One day I got mad because I didn't feel the same
My momma told me take pride for your own name
She told me I was king & I felt the damn same
So I said Fuck it, I'mma use my real name
And now I feel great but these haters mad mane
Talking bout "Xavier sounds stupid, why the change"
I said "Chill nigga, you a hypebeast lame"
Imma keep it real until my blunt lose flame
And that's the day I die as a legend in no pain
All you radio stations too damn lame
The bullshit y'all play make me wanna catch y'all fade
I'm smoking weed in silence on every rainy day
I gotta stay calm or I'mma bust up out this cage (you bitch)

Imma tell you bruh, you got any questions play this song over again fuck nigga
Fuck you mean bruh I just laid it out bruh I just told you everything you need to know
I dont wanna hear shit else, feel me I don't wanna hear shit else from you niggas bruh
Y'all don't know shit, stop talking about shit you don't know that's how niggas get killed
Real shit though, for real, understand me nigga