Xavier Wulf – Episode 7: I’m A Captain Not A Lover Lyrics

Xavier Wulf – Episode 7: I’m A Captain Not A Lover Lyrics

I've had enough of this

[Verse 1: Xavier Wulf]
You might see me drinking juice chilling, while I sip on some water too
I sit back and smoke my smoke, be thicker than a twitter ho
I told my old bitch let me go, I'm focused on another road
Look into her window you see her in tears on the floor
I shake my head myself sometimes, cause nigga I don't even know
All I do is think about, killing anybody who
Trying to run up to me, I swing and watch him hit concrete
They say why you mad, I say because these humans lie to me
Bitch, fuck em

[Verse 2: Xavier Wulf]
You should come sit in the sky with me, oh wait you can't get high as me
Bitch I think I'm Cloud, cause I just let my phone keep ringing on
Her fantasy is leaving him for me, but I won't let it be
I don't give no fuck bout how she feel, I'm smoking lonely
I don't let a ho come home with me, I'm leaving with my morning fleet
Before I leave the shore, she ran out and tried to reach for me
I told her this the way it be, I'm a captain not a lover piece
And when she heard that, she just killed herself in front of me

"Captain, I don't mean to bother you but, the sails are ready, the clouds are here, everything we need is onboard. It's time to go