Xavier Wulf – Episode 5 : WulfWood Lyrics

Xavier Wulf – Episode 5 : WulfWood Lyrics

As I sit here and smoke this blunt, I realize I got a lot of people mad at me, men and women
But, oh well, it does not matter to me

[Verse 1]
I can't give no reasons for the way I be
I know I'm complicated but that's just a part of me
I try to fix emotions but that's hard for me
Cause I don't give a fuck about a lot of things
Since I was a youngin' I knew a lot of things
I say more than what I should have if you asking me
You see Stewart Forest Cove was my first street
And my old house is where my heart sleeping for eternity
They say why you mad I say don't talk to me
You say the wrong things I break your arteries
The violence I construct it feel like art to me
I do it easily, I know I'm off the edge, but that comfort me
I remember memories and destiny
I put my back into the black sand and I fell asleep
Nowadays, I don't rest so easily
I might say a lot but I don't say everything
I know things that can't be said so openly
I know things that folks don't know that's close to me
I know people lie that's why none close to me
I'm just smoking weed tryna find the truth about a lot of things