[Verse 1] Why the fuck they hatin' on me
I give no fuck, now I pull off with that ice on me
Pull up lookin' so good, she say yeah honey
Nigga why he mad, I pull off smokin' on some dumby
Now they sayin', damn whoa is you actin' funny
Then I pull off in my 40 or my 46E
She pulled up, she lookin' good, I say damn, woe is me
Who is who, then we jump back into the motherfuckin' streets

[Bridge] All my ice is on yeah, I'm still cold
Stone cold froze, everybody know
I'm still froze, stone cold cold
Everybody know, I'm still froze

[Verse 2] I brought the ice with me, I put ice on anythang
I don't give no fuck, go ask her too say the same, huh
Pull up yellin' who the fuck is you and what you came for?
Smokin' on some shit that make him fuck his mama's name up
Gang bang on his main, bruh thought it was a game huh
Now he mad as fuck cause he can't do a damn thing, yeah
Pull up to my squad, we send you back without your brain
He insane, why the hell he thought that we would bring no pain
No designer on my feet, but my shoes still be unique
I go Zegna, not Margielas; you niggas behind me
I walk in and let the women come up and surround me
I pull up in cuttin' sections no suckers around me

[Interlude] Ay man, pay the rent before you go buy yourself jewelry

[Verse 3] You niggas weak, you niggas broke, you niggas silly, yeah
I built this whole career with no damn deal, yeah
With no cosign, I'm on that grind, I keep it gritty, yeah
I'm TOG, I'm GOD, that's why they fuck with me
They mad as fuck I say for what? cause they can't scuffle me
I pull off quick, what's this, this bitch boy don't mean nothin' to me, nigga

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