Xavier Wulf – Clear Fang Lyrics

Xavier Wulf – Clear Fang Lyrics

[Verse 1: Xavier Wulf]
I woke up real early cus I'm ready to smoke now
Hit up my homie like nigga lets smoke now
Few minutes later in the car can we roll now
Hit the store nigga do we got what we need now
Backwood rolled it full of the tree can we smoke now
Headed to a spot where the girls be smokin' now
Saw this 'lil bitch that I used to be scopin' out
Till I found out she was trifling, threw her out

[Hook: Xavier Wulf]
She look back at me, then she said to me (said to me) (x2)
Can I hit your weed, your weed, your weed? (x4)

[Verse 2: Xavier Wulf]
And hell to the nah is what i told the bitch
You just got done suckin' on some niggas dick
I don't give a damn if you brushed your teeth since
Ho get you some money then go buy your own shit
All my niggas work hard for their own shit
Beat a nigga ass if he wanna start shit
I be on a plane and a boat and a spaceship
Higher than a motherfucking bill for a face-lift
Fuck with me nigga i'll get you a face-lift
Hollow Squad mobbin comin through just to wreck shit
I deserve none but all the respect quick
I be with my blade, you be scared, I ain't scared of shit
Coward ass fools they be shaking while talking shit
Catch a damn grip before you catch you a grave bitch
All you rap niggas wack, can't understand this
Im gonna get up off the floor and conquer, destruction (bitch)