Xavier Wulf – Chaos Castle Lyrics

Xavier Wulf – Chaos Castle Lyrics

(feat. Bones, Chris Travis & Eddy Baker)

[Verse 1: Eddy Baker]
Aye, light up a wood then I get in my zone (oof)
Countin' them racks, got that shit on my own (cash)
Think you want war but this ain't what you want (bitch)
SESHOLLOWATERBOYZ been had the throne (alright)
You see the shows, they all outta control (yeah)
Told the security leave me alone (damn)
Busted the speakers 'cause all of the noise (shit)
Started the pit and then started to destroy (bitch)
Start a moshpit when I'm makin' my entrance (alright)
Fuckin' shit up and just stretching my business (yeah)
Stackin' my riches, I'm straight from the trenches (facts, trenches)
Runnin' the game like this shit is Olympics (shit is a game, bitch)
Burn you like bridges, wash you like dishes (yeah)
Bitch, I'm a dog and you just a little kitten (alright, cat)
Ice on my neck, got me feelin' all frigid (cold)
Meet the bad guy, little bitch, I'm the villain (bitch)
Makin' a killin' a wonderful feelin', I'm sellin' out shows and trappin' out the building (yeah)
Niggas be talkin that money in raps, but they sleep on the mat and got holes in the ceiling (really?)
Me and my niggas is realer than most, we just sit back and smoke, we don't really believe 'em
Chaos extremist, hot, bitch, I'm steamin' (yeah), hated by preachers but loved by the demons, ho

[Interlude: Chris Travis]
Yo, WaterBoyz Entertainment
Bitch, what, bitch, aye

[Verse 2: Chris Travis]
Open up the pit (bitch), push 'em in this shit (what)
I ain't fearin' shit (what), I fight misery (bitch)
I make history, bitch, my power limitless
Them bitches slippery (what), I might, I might (bitch)
Medicine, estrogen, you niggas peasants, bitch
Can't even talk 'cause your come-up not sellin' it
Revvin' it, melanin, bitch and the legacy
These little rappers ain't nothin' but irrelevant
No, I'm not dwellin' it, bitch, I'm inhalin' it
Learn from my lessons, this life, I'm not feelin' it
Scalin' it, croppin' it, bitch, ain't no stoppin' it
Fuck this [?] shit, I want some proper shit, bitch
Ay, don't be discreet, what
Fuckboys can't enter like a exit screen, yuh
Make it how I want 'cause I'm prodigy (I'm a prodigy)
And I push it where I want, my queen beside a G (beside a G)

[Interlude: Xavier Wulf]
Mane, hatin' ass niggas, mane
Thievin' ass niggas, mane, I'll tell you what, mane
For every nigga you gotta cut off, give yourself a dollar
And make yourself rich, nigga

[Verse 3: Xavier Wulf]
Niggas hurt, leave it up to me, I'll leave 'em in the dirt
Coupe 'vert, catch me in my 46s smokin' herb
Rope burn, naked neck ass niggas kickin' curbs, what's the word?
Oh, you crossed ya boy? You got a bitch's nerve
Pull off, swerve, drift around the corner then I flip the bird
She got curves, Dominican descent, now I'm onto her
Tesla, bought it for my mama, but a miniature
Look at her, most you niggas fake, I cut you every year
Who I fear? Treat you like a baby, you can't come in here
Oh my dear, now his favorite bitch is singin' in my ear
Twinkle twinkle twinkle,goes her chandelier, we over here
Talkin' 'bout how you just simply don't compare, you bitch

[Interlude: Bones]

[Verse 4: Bones]
SESHOLLOWATERBOYZ kickin' through the door, we back in this bitch (back in this bitch)
We don't know you, get some dope for the crew, we ain't passin' shit (ain't passin' it)
Still got that blade, I'll let it go, said that you paid, we know you broke
Logic can't see you, you blend in too easily, how could they not know the way when we paved the whole road?
Showed them the ropes, gave the game classics, skeleton boy, filled the world with my static
White noise my life, distorted mind, don't know the time and I can't give you mine
Hold up, wait a second, now that I'm recollecting
Wasn't you the one who showed us so much love in the beginning?
Yeah, yeah, that was you, now-now-now just look at you
Always tryin' to prove you something, but you nothin', that's just true
Sorry (don't say sorry), go cop that 'Rari
Hope you feel better, materialistic death wish
Underground god, I'm the fuckin' definition, bitch
Brought another motherfucker out who really convinced that they can't let us in
Lies, false, something about you off
Came out the grave, fucked up the game, I will make sure they remember the name