Xavier Wulf – Bluntz On My Mind Lyrics

Xavier Wulf – Bluntz On My Mind Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Rolling and smoking we rolling and choking
I'm smoking while rolling; police pull me over
I'm already loaded I strap up the mercy, I'm smoking my trees but they just wanna hurt me
(get into the crib?) we blazing real early
My nigga got work I'ma smoke one for surely
Im twisting up twirly the smoke that you see make your vision blurry
Bitch I know you heard me

It's almost 7:30 and I just lit up blunt 30
My nigga I know you heard me, if you got you a sack come Burn G
What else could you possibly mean?
We blowing green on da scene
Fuck that's guarantee
I see them hoes looking at me
Follow me to the back please, you know what I mean
We smoking on horizons
Horizontal be my eyelids
I don't know if I should be driving
Yeah fuck it then peeled off sliding
My weed coming from the (west?) islands
It's my right to stay high til I die bitch
I don't know why you asked to light it
Hell nah now please give me the lighter
I'm a G (to the team medallion?)
And I'm never subject for the trying
I will fuck you up, same as a lion
I will literally (once I get?) I violent

(stay stiff for my Cs?????)
Fiend for the green leaves
Tryna be what you see fuck nigga that's me
Gotta stay low-key
But I be high as fuck when I smoke my weed
(turn em into real gs?)
Don't fuck with me