Xavier Wulf – Black Mist Lyrics

Xavier Wulf – Black Mist Lyrics

Damn, I'm scared nig is anyone out there(x12)

[Verse 1: EthelWulf]
So we do it what we do, how we been doin it, but little did I think these sucker niggas would copy shit
But I should have knew It cuz that's just how it is, you get a little buz and everyone wanna take a hit
Well nigga I'm sick of it, so fuck all the bullshit, it's BR- to the K and the kluk and I beat a bitch
I'm saying I'm with the shit, and nigga you better know it, when I'm mad as fuck I don't give a fuck and I'm gonna show it
Beat the nigga ass cuz he claim he got all flows and that it shows, hoes got his name on they fucking toes hell no
What the fuck you mean you ignorant hoe, I'm smoking this myself go buy your own if you want some more
Never know, dumb nigga hoe for no set bitch, I'm getting to the money got no care who I'm killin bitch
And bitch you need a problem? Come on up and I'll serve you quick, your bitch can suck my dick while I'm fucking your sister trick
See niggas think I'm playin just because I be tweeting chicks, but I get off computers find his ass and show him clips
And nigga that's the real how the fuck can I stress it more, we sittin in the hood with a bowl of new dose, new flow and some rock, that there is for the hoes
But when I'm with my trues henny brown is how we roll
Never know
Fake shit dwellin in a circle mane, just a pain, the black is from tears like heavy trains
Everythang ain't real nigga that's bullshit, niggas be lyin for a dime all the damn time
So nigga I'm trynna get mine, AK99 if I gotta get it prime my nigga I ain't lyin I be movin' all the time
Ducking through primes nigga fuck a jail time and I'm smoking my weed till I loose my damn mind, I'm smoking my weeed till I loose my damn mind

Damn im scared, nig is anyone out there (x12)

[Verse 2: Chris Travis]
Now listen deep and closely as my voice hypnotizes
It Chris Fucking Travis here to take over you mind
My voice is in your head as your sittin there gettin high
Saying Chris Travis in-between my bitch thighs
But I ain't gon lie, my nigga I am bout that cash
If that bitch do not got it then that's a fucking ass
We re-up on new ports then smoke 'em by the pack
Man I been smoking weed like it's the only thing I have
And yea I'm peeling niggas off like a fucking scab
And his bitch want the dick every time she pop a tab
But I'm ok with that, I just sit back and laugh
I don't want to have to drag her nigga down the path
So that pussy nigga better watch the way he act
Or young choppas gon make his ass chill like he on xan
It's Chris fucking Travis coming for the money grands
And drop it off your ass and lay it right onto my hands

Damn, I'm scared Nig, is anyone out there? (x12)