Monogomy or whatever they call it
I'm starting to think it doesn't
Exist because every dude I know
Go a main bitch and a side chick but
Pardon me for judging you I guess
That's all I'm exposed to and for all
Them dudes like that this ones for you.

Is it bad that he never made love he never
Did no but he sure know how to fuck cause
He's a bad boy no good to me I can't promise
That he'll be bad for me cause he had some
Issues he won't committe no not having it
But at least he can admit that he's a bad boy
To me yeah he'll be good in bed but he'll be
Bad for me.. He'll be bad for me.. He'll be bad
For me.

Let's get it

Bad boys aint no good and the good boys ain't
Bout shit and the hood niggas want a good girl
And every body want a bad bitch so I seems like
We feind for the opposite cause they say we
Attract like magnets
In the end mabey that what we never were
And we just loose touch like a bad grip
Cause I mean like
Seems like all the dudes I date end up
Being dudes
I hate and I be thinkin how it gets so wrong
When it seems like its going so great like
This dude used to
Make me laugh but now I can't stand his ass
And I used to want to be his wife but now
He's just a part of my past cause the love
Turned into hate happiness turned into pain
The smiles turned into tears and the pride
Turned into shame cause he's a bad boy and
Never made
No love and never had no chick but he sure
Know how to fuck


Let me tell you bout him he hurt feeling
He break hearts he stay quite he play smart
He take pride and going out and pullin
Girls to see what they about
He no saint but he don't pose he don't
Never break bread but he pull hoes when he
On the scene he be jayed up if you looking
For him you can find him layed up
He got haterz but we all do he be having
Girls hooked like fake food shawty look
At all them lied that he told you know yo
Nose wide open like Roscoe nieve to
Believe that he meant
That thought he would get attached
But he unlashed thought yall would get
Close be he fell back know yo stand by is
Like a dispatch tear runnin down you cheeck
Like a wayne tat flippin out upset like a mad
Hatter from the jump should have known he a
Bad match but you gotta ask


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