X-Shai – Real Lyrics

X-Shai – Real Lyrics

Huh on the beat x shai
Since I was born,
The streets take me…
Raised me..
Made me,
Feed me,
Hurt me,
Love me,
Been hustling,
Hard to my family proud,

R.I.P  my grandma, i  still miss you bad,
Coming from the streets. Everybody looking at you bad,

Never judge a book, without reading on the inside,
Why you pointing fingers though, heeyyy
I hope you make sure yours is clean,
You never see no fake in me …so you should face reality

I'm always real, real
My mom and dad is real, real
My brothers real, real
My sisters real , heeyy
My daughter sees no wrong in me.. Her love is real, my daughter
My baby got my back
And she really really real, real

I'm real heyyyy, you fake 
I'm in, you out
I keep my middle fingers up, fingers up, to point my haters out
I'm in, you out, out
I keep my middle fingers up to point my haters out

They wonder, they wonder, why i’m alive, thank the lord, no man aint god  

Mama aint raised no fool so don't play with me, 

Put me anywhere on earth…i swear to god i’ll survive

Life is like a pen  , you better  learn how to make it right, heeyy

Moving forward ever
Backwards never,
Growing forever
No lacking 
Sham never 
Fake never
Snitching never
Grind hard
Hustle hard
Money copy
Real copy

Heading to the top heeyyy
Can't nobody stop me

I'm real, you fake 
I'm in, you out
I keep my middle fingers, fingers up to point my haters out

I'm real, you fake 
I'm in, you out
I keep my middle fingers, fingers up to point my haters out


Welcome to the new world
Where is easy to hate
Easy to kill
Easy to lie
Easy to gossip
Easy to mock
But hard to love, heeey
I just don't know, huh, I think the world is ending, huh,

But can't stop you hating, huh
You make me work so hard,
You on my balls so tight, tights 
We don't look a like, like
We not in the same league, heeeyy
Don't drive the same wheel, wheel
Don't have the same swag,
Don't play the same hoes,
My future so bright, bright,

I'm being real though, I was born a king, my dad and brothers kings, my daughter queen, my mom and sisters queens, 
  my baby queen. 
She hold me 
Down, lifts me up 
And always riding with me

Cuz I'm real, dc real, charlotte real, memphis real, denver real, baltimore real, florida real, miami, new jersey real, new orleans real, atlanta real, new york real, cali real, texeas real, ohio real, gh real, detroit real, chicago real, vegas real, vegas, new york heeeehheeeeh, heeeheeeeheeeee x shai