X-Raided – Family Lyrics

X-Raided – Family Lyrics

We laughin' at you niggas
'Cause half of you niggas is bitches
We blastin' at you niggas
'Cause half of you niggas is snitches

We reptiles and you niggas is rodents
We after you niggas get hit with projectiles
Who fought a thousand bullets
Our triggers are stolen like SoundScans

We know what city niggas money in
We pound fans, come to town and clown
Man, we know what city niggas money in
I'm a bad man with sickle cell, it's

Coleone and X-Raided
Tryin' to scam man, that shit gone fail, it's gonna be on for the exclaimated
I mean well, Lunasicc 'cause
Why these niggas tryin' to mean mugg?

It's a bitch if you don't realize that this music shit will never come between us
We family muthafucka! What you expectin' us to do?
Think you could handle me muthafucka? Til' this Tec bust at you?
[edited out] suck a fat dick, as you gotta understand and testify
[edited out] is a fat bitch, better understand and recognize

When my niggas see you, they gonna grab the gats, walk, and spray you all
When it come down to my family nigga, fuck platinum, that ain't it at all

[Chorus: x2]
Who want to fuck with me and my family?
Tight hoes and tight clothes, can't be mad at me
Bitch niggas out in the streets suckin' dildos
My Relli, we stompin' hard in them steel toes

Nigga it's fam bam, recognize, this real shit
Family over hoes, and family over scrill bitch
Hotter than cleavage on my Dear Old Aunt Rosey
Throw up the middle finger on niggas that owe me

It's Coleone, I'm a G, hang with me
From Chicago to Sac, nigga bang with me
I fuck with niggas who don't have no love for a snitch
Screamin' out at the party "No Love For A Bitch!"

I'm a psycho, I flow, like currents in the River
Ride strapped with gats, no size, no shivers
It's Coleone, me and my family, we do things
And spill any niggas brains over my change


Me and my family ridin' on 'em Dogg
Like X-locc, I'm a young muthafuckin' Hogg
They say I'm crazy like a fox, nigga watch this
I'm on stage tellin' my fans that you suck dick

You want to come between my family, hope you take a check
That's what I'm gone do
So nigga best respect
It's Coleone boy! Nobody gone take my manhood

'Cause do or die niggas like me, grow in every hood
And that's the real though, these hoe niggas suckin' on dildos
Holdin' on tight to some shit niggas'll kill for
Best respect the game, all that it's worth
Nigga next gone smash, stay away or get hurt