(Vinnie Vincent)
You belong to me beautiful dreamer
You are the only one my heart is beating for
And somewhere out there I know you’re
Waiting for me
Heaven in your arms is just a dream away
Soon our day will come, we’re born to be one
Someday we’ll walk in the sun
Young hearts run free surrender to me
Everlasting this was meant to be faithfully
Ecstasy you and me heaven to heaven
Ecstasy we’ll always be now and forever
In ecstasy we’ll always be fallin’ forever
Temptation eyes burning right through me
In you is everything that I’ve been searching for
Summer dreams so warm, no truer love was born
A part of me will live in you always, ever more
Soon our day will come our hearts will beat as one
Someday we’ll walk in the sun
And we’ll live on and on
Forever young
We celebrate this heaven
Through the end of time

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