(Vinnie Vincent)
Hey little kitten purr for me
Pour your loving all over me
Tonight our love is high and free
Let your fire burn shamelessly
Meltdown past my danger zone
In between the wrong and the right
Touch me where no one’s ever gone
Erotic to the point of crime
I want dirty rhythm
I want that dirty rhythm over me
I want dirty rhythm
I want dirty rhythm over me
Come together in serenade
Pull the pin of my love grenade
Midnight mover: my star so bright
We’ll dance dirty and tip to the light
My love don’t stop coming
Gimme all your loving till the thrill is gone
You got my heart pumping
Heaven mating till the break of dawn
Repeat chorus
Pretty little girl come out and play
Your candy man is here to stay
Bringing you sugar from paradise
Sweet surrender burning in your eyes
Wo yeah–oh shake it–you feel g-o-o-o-o-d
Oh babe I’m gonna let your let your love
Drip down on me babe oh yeah
I want your dirty rhythm
Yeah, yeah
Repeat chorus

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