(Vinnie Vincent)
We go it alone on the edge of the night
There’s no reward, no ending in sight
Sweet destiny, she’s waiting for me
I’ll find her walking down the streets of my dreams
Her name is no mercy
She’s the calm before the storm
Fighters have only but one tool
We live by one golden rule
We’re gonna lay down our lives and survive
And hear our battle cry:
Breakout–freedom calls me
Breakout–no chains can hold me down
Breakout–rip it up we make the laws and break it
Breakout–sound of sirens
Breakout–wailing as the night cries
Breakout–band of gypsies–young blood on the rise
We live by day and we love by night
Across the badlands–angels in flight
Nowhere to run, no the proud, they never hide
Live by the gun–aces high, come on let it ride
Yeah–they call us the hunted
We’ve got nothing left to lose
Wanted men, women, and losers unite
We she’d our tears for the sacrifice
Well never surrender or take us alive
You better hear our battle cry:
Repeat chorus

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