URBANDUB – A Call To Arms Lyrics

URBANDUB – A Call To Arms Lyrics

I see your face all tired & weary
From battles fought, lost & won.
You take your chances
Fuck the consequence
Dive right in with no regrets
No regrets.

There's no point to keep your head face down
When all we see and know and feel is temporary
Spread your arms and keep your head held high
Good things are better taken in
The less you notice.

Witness to a city that never sleeps
Where sins are made then buried
Doesn't matter how deep or hidden
It's always, always there.
Hold back the tears, there's little reprieve
If you show you are weak
You're accepting defeat
Pick up the pieces and dust yourself off
Then banner away.

Heaven won't wait
So don't hold back
Don't waste another minute
You carry all the weight
'Coz you think you got no worth
I'll be happy come the moment you've guessed it all.
This is your call to arms
So take in all you desire
Heaven won't wait so don't hold back
Now take it all.