Upchurch – Kick It Up Lyrics

Upchurch – Kick It Up Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Aww hell, I'm stirrin' up a storm now
Smooth as a Colorado, rollin' with the windows down
Watchin' all the Gomer Pyle's, lurkin' all around the town
Tryin' to pull me over, plant some weed that they said they found
Take my ass on to jail, cuss, fight, raise hell
Oh, well, it ain't shit, make a call post bail
Country boy connect, hillbilly with some WiFi
One day average Joe, next day world wide

[Verse 2]
Walk through Nashville, I don't need a tour guide
I'm representin' me, RHEC Black Fly
Redneck Nation, spittin' rhymes in a MudJug
Rockin' Mossy Oak, flippin' birds like a turkey thug
And if you ain't with me, back that ass on up
'Cause I'm rollin' with some honkeys gettin' backwoods crunk
Got a southern belle with me, legs long like a highway
Get her fired up with a Silverado sideways
Burnin' all this rubber, white smokin' like a drag strip
Outlaw dipper, crooked smile with a fat lip
Finger way up like a new age Kid Rock
Cowboy, baby, here to raise hell and not stop

[Verse 3]
Walk miles never drop, comin' out of Rocky Top
Comin' from a town where them shotgun shells pop
Moonshine still, still sittin' in the hills
'Cause the Tennessee firewater pays them bills
Whatcha know about a country boy, know about a Tonka Toy
Know about a rebel flag flyin' off in Pigeon Forge
Not a damn thing, but you hear it on my twang
Though your boy shine bright like a Cashville day glow

[Verse 4]
'Cause I am what I am 'cause my fan base says so
Real as it gets, good hooks, let the vibe flow
On my front porch, you could call me Eddie Bauer
Daisy Duke gettin' freaky in my stand-up shower
I ain't never been fake, son, go and check my resume
On my Dukes of Hazzard 'bout to make a crazy leap of faith
Started from the bottom now my whole crew here
I'll be mowin' shit down in my big John Deere

[Verse 5]
Bubba, don't get scared just stay out of my wide lane
Man in black, born in another time frame
Start a ring of fire, now I'm burnin' everything down
Aldean style, tattoos on many different towns
And I ain't tryna be a boaster, but I roast you like a toaster
I'm as good as cold beer in the summer and you know it