Hey, is that me?
I wanted to have some friends
But not a lot of people wanted to be my friend
Couple a nerds maybe
But nerd have trouble being friends
‘Cause they’re too stocked up
I mean, they can play games with you but
After that you get a kinda blank stare
So I found these guys that um
They didn’t have any other friends
And they weren’t very demanding
We could do things together like
Smoke dope, take LSD, try to get girls
And dream about playing some music and um
Just being comfortable all the time and never working
Never, never working
This run along pretty well for a while but
Friends need to be demanding, people need to be demanding
I started becoming demanding
And I lost my friends
They couldn’t stand anybody being demanding
As a demanding person I got somewhere in life
I started having girlfriends
I was very demanding of them
But I didn’t let them be demanding of me
I started making big friends
Friends that could help me
Oh, those friends are really demanding
You don’t get a warm fuzzy feeling
But you get
What you gotta have to get along
I mean, that’s showbiz
I’m getting a little older now
I start to think about the friends that are gonna think of me
When I move along
There are one or two of them are gonna have a grin
And a good memory of me
They’re not the best, fanciest people
Not even very good people frankly
Their big claim to fame is
They’re my friends
Useless, expensive, maddening, pain in the ass friends

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