Prowling through the bar room
Like a movie star
Will he buy your drink
If you give him your best wink?

Feel the empty space
Melt an icy face
Throw the dog a bone
Can you take him home?

The woman’s in red
The man is blue
The light is green
What will they do?

The coast is clear
The weather’s just right
But how will they feel after tonight?

Rubies in a glass
Ruby makes it fast
Home away from home
In seduction mode

Do you have a pen?
What’s your name again?
Can I have a light?
Can I take you home?

Flame is every color there is
Passion, ruby red the coast is clear
And will he climb aboard?
Will he follow through?
The train of fascination
Bound to leave soon

Ice cube crocodile
Crocodile of tears
Feel her hosiery
Rub her rosary

Keep your feelings stashed
Courtship wears a mask
Honesty’s a drag
Chewing ice cubes made of glass

The night is young and so are we
What’s to come, what will come to be
The night is young and so are we
Kiss me now or leave me

Flame is every color
There is passion, ruby red
The coast is clear

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