Trae The Truth – Get Em Off Me Lyrics

Trae The Truth – Get Em Off Me Lyrics

Take masters

I'm on this gangsta shit

Though never you're motherfuckin mine
They come, gonna switch up with this nigga
I ain't the king of the streets for nothing
Hola every motherfucker

You think nothing like summer across this people living you're hangin off
Niggas go sell their sober, real niggas go doubt for strangers
Go hold it onto whatever 'cause chances don't get extended
I'm the piece but if this drama I'm gonna get and fuck end it
The physic where are my feelings, all my my back like it was stressed
Cameleon livin deep inside the like like I was high street
King so deep in the hood and though some other sight, yeah
I rap but if it's till I'm over work I get you right
And I'm in the city whether rappers ain't the realest
It's the truth that's probably why they hate now so never fear this
The city school it's post it on a back of traitor
I respect I just smelly you're on the block here in the…
The independent got me laughin compare me to these rap niggas
Niggas ain't nothing like me, I would kill us in this trap kids
Got me throwin the morning they break us the hood the back that
Discover the baby this just to fire that I would snap kids
Bitches frustrated with me 'cause I won't make it their dime
That's till I'm here to fuck and lead their throne with a surprise
Screw up been us they blow whatever the wind goes, and yeah in case you
I'm an asshole, opinions don't mean a thing but you're about to be the fuck
You niggas worse than the sluts spending everything being stuck up
Get out if you won't help these dummies about to rgass
So I'ma get just like… before they swingle on their ass, motherfucker

I just can't take this,
It's like everybody on my dick
I don't love no nigga no bitch
I'ma get em off me, I'ma get em off me,
Sometimes I know I'm wrong
But I'm sicker to the niggas to get the fuck on
Lord knows I got this…
I'ma get em off me.

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