Silent Theory – Before The Storm Lyrics

Silent Theory – Before The Storm Lyrics

Verse 1:
Death disguised synthetic trend
When does it end?
I just can't tell I've lost myself and I can't pretend
That if I just can't admit it
Could it be that I can't let go?
Could it be that a tide is rising
And I’m trapped on the shore alone?

So now I'm dealing like I'm never gonna get the feeling back from my bones
This fiend you see will take the best of me and then everything that I know
It can never have too much
It’s always something more
I beg for mercy but of course you just ignore

There's nothing left of me
Except these scars you see
I've come to wade before the storm
Can I break free?
If you break me
Help me through the tide
It's not enough to take my pride
You have to take my life

Verse 2:
Disconnected and dead eyed
Momentum slowed with a numbed spine
Aware that I'll never see the sun again and I don't know why I don't mind
Frigid veins and I've gone blind
I plead for change but I can't find
My way through the maze and the shame I sustain just to give myself that
Numb high

Shatter this force of habit
No need to drag this out
Another broken promise
Cry wolf and wonder how
To end this vicious cycle
See it will never rest
I said I'd quit tomorrow
But my sun never sets

I couldn't wait to cut you out
(For good)
I lost the taste and dragged you down
(Just like I knew I would)