Shoshana Bean – Gin And Cigarettes Lyrics

Shoshana Bean – Gin And Cigarettes Lyrics

She sits alone at the end of a table
Much too big for one
Once there were parties
The glasses and chairs were full
Now the glamour's gone
Nothing but time to build a case for regret
Nothing but time for gin and cigarettes

Mem'ries repeat with each skip of the record
Long forgotten dreams
Music that played as a soundtrack throughout her life
Keeps her company
Drinking to remember, drinking to forget
Drinking gin and smoking cigarettes

Children grow and leave they tell you
Your best has left them scarred
Husbands are no better
They only have so many ticks in their hearts

Watching the birds as they fly past her window
Through the smoke her eyes burn
Even though life clipped her wings oh so long ago
Still the heart it yearns
Soon there's not enough to ease the pain
And she's drowning, drowning
She made her choices, she hedged her bets
Now all that's left is gin and cigarettes

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