[Verse 1: Rexx Life Raj] They see us and stop us because they see that we popping, yeah we know it
Don’t be a distraction cause that’ll be your subtraction bitch we focused
Working overtime, get better over time
I remember they used to give me that funny eye
Now I’m in places that they can’t come inside, my bitch is sunnyside, I’m letting money fly
Too many messages I ain’t reading them, above the bullshit, off this helium
In this bitch, dick like a fat nigga wearing a medium, kill them off on every medium, oh
I told my mama I’ll get it straight
Stepped out the door and got on the way
A nigga never got shit sitting back and watching
I guess somebody gotta get it rocking, and we know losing ain’t an option

[Verse 2: Christian Crow] I know I’m the guy, [?] I pull out the ride, I step out the Benzo
Let all of your friends know
When I walk in and ya’ll look up
Model bitches wanna hook up
Bottles on bottles I’m blessed up
This how it feel when you’re next up
I came in shit in my ‘Rari
I will not answer don’t call me
I am in love with the money
You will never fucking stop me, oh
My bitch in my whip they all foreign, foreign
[?] I’m scoring, scoring
You can come through if it’s low key, low key
I am not struggling this shit is easy, easy

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