Reese LAFLARE – Lil Skate For President Lyrics

Reese LAFLARE – Lil Skate For President Lyrics

Tell ya
Yall niggas don't know bout me

Lil Skate off the porch
Lil Skate got a Porsche
Lil Skate made the news
Lil Skate made the rules
Who the fuck is you? (Who the fuck is you)
Lil Skate got a check
Lil Skate 'rased some debts (Woosh, woosh)
Lil Skate, I'm a mess
Lil Skate taking bets
Lil Skate made the news
If Lil Skate do not rock with you, then I don't fuck with you
Excuse me, watch the drip bitch, don't scuff my Prada shoes
Y'all used to think I was a small fronter, my bankroll taller than you
Lame niggas out here drinking wockhardt
Lil Skate off the top rope, living life, bitch I'm a rockstar (Bitch I'm fire)
Lil Skate go to Ice Box
I'm telling you, all these niggas wanna be like me
Lil Skate, I'm iced out
I got 10 chains on top of my white tee
Lil Skate on a roll
Lil Skate keep that pole
Lil Skate, I'm too real
Lil Skate, that boy trill
Lil Skate, I'm the deal (Lil Skate!)
One [?] Lil Skate need all them deals
Yeah, I just bought

Transcribing, no problem if you want to do it too <3}

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