Trapped In The Closet (Chapter 6)
Believe it or not I just started laughin'
Shakin' my head and just kept on laughin'
Thinkin' about all the things I had been through that day
Then she cries "what? Why do you have that smile upon your face?"
Then I laughed out, said "thinkin' about all of the things that I've been through"
She whipes her nose then she sniggles and laughs out "I've been through it too"
Then I start laughin' again and she start laughin' more
Next thing you know we both are crackin' up on the floor
Then she laughs out "I can't believe this idiot really answered my phone!"
Now meanwhile 'Toine just got out of prison and he's on his way home
Then she yells "baby I'm sorry for all the lies and all the bullshit"
Then I said "girl just wait 'til I tell you all the drama that I've been dealin' with
She laughs "I wanna hear it all"
Then I laughed and said "baby first of all
I got a hang over, been trapped in the closet
Slept with who knows, threatened to kill a pastor"
She says "what?!?"
"Baby this is no lie he had a lover, turns out to be a gay guy"
She says "damn, you've been through a lot of shit"
"Plus I got a ticket!"
Meanwhile the policeman, he turns around
Just out of concern, comes back to the house
Then he pulls up in the driveway
My car's parked crooked with the lights on
Then he goes around the back way
He heard the dogs barkin' like something's wrong
He gets to the back door and discovers it's been broken in
He looks around, pulls his gun out, then proceeds in
Meanwhile we're laughin' and laughin' and laughin'
But from his perspective he thinks somebody's cryin'
He gets closer to the bedroom and he would swear that somebody was coughin' and sighin'
Meanwhile we're in the bedroom laughin' as I tryin' to continue to explain
She yells out "Sylvester you're killin' me!"
I said "I swear that it went that way!"
Then next thing you know he bust up in the room
And said "motherfucker, freeze"
And I looked up back at him and said "wait – you're that damn police"
Then she screamed "baby, I mean James" she says "everything is cool"
And then he yells "Gwendolyn I got this, I know you're sick and tired of this fool"
And then I stood up, start walkin' towards him screamin' "man get out my house!"
Then he yelled "freeze!" She screamed "please!" I pulled my beretta out
She cried out "Sylvester, please don't"
Visions of him making love to her
He said "man, put the gun on the floor"
I can't stop thinking about him and her
I slowly put the gun down
And then I put my hands up
He winked at me and smiled
And that is when I went nuts
Hopped all over him, grabbed the gun, she's screamin' "settle down"
Goin' all around the room, both hands on the gun
Then all of a sudden "pow"…

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