Mash it up now
That’s exactly what we gonna do
Make it good
You are so beautiful
You are so wonderful
And you can make your dreams
Make them come true
You get through everything
And cast a laugh and sing
You can do anything
That you want to
You bring the sunshine when it’s dark
With nothing but love sweet love
And make me smile and say it’s fine
When I haven’t got a dime
Love, true love
And when things are going wrong
We can fix it with a song
I know we can now
We gonna do it
You don’t need expensive furs
You don’t need no diamonds and pearls
You don’t need that witchcraft world
To make your dreams come true
You don’t need no Cadillac car
You don’t have to be no movie star
Just what you are
And I know that you make it through
You are the essence of
Everything I love
Oh baby oh baby
It’s a positive vibration
Going in circulation
We gonna give it to the nation
Through this evaporation
I feel it deep, deep down inside

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