Where we gonna go from here
Is there any other place to be?
I’m looking for a side that we ain’t seen in each other
Or have we hit a wall as they say
Or is that just an old cliché
Well either way that fire is on low flame
No exciting news
No romantic dates
I don’t talk to you and
You ain’t got much to say
Tell me is there any more that we can do
I don’t wanna stay just cuz I’m use to you…
Used to be you calling me baby
Now there’s just a wall
What’s happened to us lately, lately
Yesterday I was still your lady
Now you never call, oh
Is it pointless to keep staring at the wall
Every day that passes by
We’re becoming more invisible
Living just like strangers in one home
And even tho we share a bed
There’s so much more that goes unsaid
I’m trying to remember what we had
What we gonna do
Baby it’s your call
Right now I don’t care
If I get hurt at all
All the bad could never wash away the good
You can’t tell me there ain’t nothing we can do

[Chorus] Don’t misunderstand me
I could still be happy
Spending time with you
We both need a change
In our situation
If we’re gonna make it thru
I gotta teach you baby
And you gotta teach me too


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