Can I get a little
Can I get a little wiser
Everyday’s a little
Everyday’s a little nicer ooh

I feel a confidence in me
Oh I wouldn’t change, I wouldn’t change a single thing
I’ve learned to grow instinctively
And without pain then tell me please where would we be
We sometimes make mistakes, but if we’re wise we learn from them
I still recall the days thinking I knew everything
Regrets, we all may have a few
Encounters that weren’t meant to be
If I knew then what I know now
Surely I would not be me


As if it was just yesterday
Oh there’s little me assuming I’ve seen everything
A change to such a big city
And may I say, streetwise wasn’t my middle name
But young and brash convinced I had the whole world on a string
Situations did occur, I lost control, it’s sink or swim
If you want more than I’ll allow
Make promises you cannot keep
I’m glad I’m so much wiser now
Got out before I fell too deep

You hear about it every day
Young girls naпve and lead astray
Obsession with celebrity, wanting to be like her in the magazines

There’s always someone who talks the talk, lures you in, and walks the walk
And you, you gotta try your luck, you want to win and make a buck
But in the end you’ve only got yourself this is what I’ve come to see

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