When solace finds you
Knock at my door
We'll talk till dawn
We'll cherish this time
Not like before
And woe betide those who decry you
They'll never know how I adore you

Your face was pale and turned away
It must have hurt to go that way
The gasp you made, your last refrain
More shock than pain, could not explain
But in your eyes, something to say
I'll have to wait, until my…

Day starts with a tear, always sat alone
All goes for a reason?
Or no? Please let me know
My fallen friend, I've failed you again, again

It's two knocks for yes & just one knock for no
All goes for a reason?
Or no? Please let me know
I'd do anything, just to hear your voice again

No one knows what happened when you died
And that's the reason why the loved ones cried
No one knows if you're in heaven
Or if death was the end
No one knows if you'll be back again

And if someone says they know then it's a lie
You can only judge what's seen with your two eyes
Can't say if this thing that sits behind these fevered eyes
Will one day sit behind another's eyes

And there was only as much joy as there was pain
Which made an ultimately empty game
But sometimes in the dead of night, a voice whispers my name
Maybe it speaks from another plane
Or maybe it's a sign that I'm insane

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