Billy came down from Houston
With a suitcase and a gun
Across the Rio Grande
No one really knew what he done
He was the father of five children
But, they say that his first born son
Took a bullet in Afghanistan
On the day he turned twenty-one
Goodbye Rosie
Rosie goodbye I’ve gotta run
Boys around the table
Are pulling out big guns
Via con dios
I’ll meet you at the Palace Of The Sun
On a beach near Playa Del Carmen
There sat Rosie one afternoon
She had skin like Spanish leather
And her hair smelled like sweet perfume
In a dirty-lit cantina they called
The Palace Of The Sun
They drank mezcal margaritas
And Coconuts full of rum

[Chorus] But, he couldn’t escape the memories
Of the life he’d left behind
And they say that a deep depression
Swallowed up poor Billy’s mind
They found him on a Sunday
Just before the evening tide
With a bottle in his left hand
And a letter in his right

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