I got friends in high places
It don’t matter where I’ve been
Every time I see that rocky skyline
I know I’ve got a real good friend
I feel much better high above sea level
Where the air’s so clean and thin
Yeah, I got friends in high places
And I know they’ll take me in
I rolled out to Denver, Colorado
To see an old pal of mine
We spent the weekend high up in the mountains
And Lord, she was mighty kind
But, I couldn’t stay long no, I had to get goin’
I was Arizona bound
She begged me to come with me
And I could not turn her down
It was shortly before nightfall
We were looking for a place to camp
When the Beaver County Sheriff passed me by
And I must have had a bum tail lamp
He whipped his car ‘round
And I got the shake down
There on the side of that road
We were twenty miles from Zion
When he told me what I owed
He said, I’ll let you keep your license son
It might just be your lucky day
But, before I let you go you know
There’s just one thing that I’ve got to say
I don't like friends like yours ‘round here
And I don’t care for the hair down over your ears
Then he shook my hand
And said, I hope you understand
Then stole my Mary Jane

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