Sitting on the grass my little lover with her cat
She is cool
She wears bracelets I saw on the way home from school
I asked her where goes you two

Well have you ever heard about a camels back in the sun
It is hard it gets hot it gets wet
I don't normally play with words but I did
And she did too

Yes we get along
Yes me and my mannequinn
Yes I play along
Yes and she calls me manic man


Can we go to my house for biscuits and tea
We have a lot in common I own a color tv
In this modern world
Well I call her miss
And she calls me ventriliquist

Walking on the sidewalk I put on a show
I act manly she is invoked
But it aint what it seems
She's only sixteen

I make her promises and fill up her head
The sweetest coting with vaseline hands
I spin around and round and round we spin until she's too old
And I let her go

Uhh ohh

I love that baby but she was a trend
Her younger sister is better instead
She's got bells and bows and rings and things
She's stuck in my veins
And she cleans up my stains

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