It feels like summer is on it’s way
But it’s mid November
I’ll hang this dream up on display
But I wont remember anything at all
And you haven’t told me anything at all
But you know I’ll chase you down
Complacency is lost for now
But I’ll never doubt you
‘Cause all I do is wonder how
I could be without you anywhere at all
And I’d run to find you anywhere at all
But don’t you run too far away
I’m racing time for you
You know I need this now
‘Cause I’ve been burning all my aspirations down
But I’ve been feeling closer day by day
You know I’ll chase you down
It feels like summer is on it’s way
Will it ever get here
These sheltered hearts can’t make me stay
No I wont forget we’re everything I know
And I hope you take this everything I know
And you make it worth this ride to me


Chorus (extended)

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