Verse 1:
I'm flying lotus on a calm lagoon,
Bringing you message from the Ouija Board,
The spirits' vibing to the tune in celebration,
And that's 'Wii for Us and Yes in French',
This' my eusophagus,
Just saying what my belly feels each time you play my solfa notes,
They can't understand me cos i'm in the clouds,
And crying you a river that's enough to flood your thoughts,
And wash you off the face of earth,
And revive and quicken everything with my name on it,
I always wanna see U smile,
Leave V and W asking Y the constipation,
Why choose to miss out of the fornication,
With 'em slutty chicks like i rap to fill out these random spaces,
You know my genesis and let me have those pretty titties,
In the dunghill where i squat so judge me like you know my case,
And don't compare me with these guys,
Or stab me with a knife with Aids,
And help me teleport back to the galaxy where i belong,
Cos this body celestial loves you to death,
And i can't stand to watch this feeling fade away,
I hope you stay,

(good music fam!)

Verse 2:
So can i get A bell or would i suffer Cain's dejection,
Can i receive a beep would you leave a notification,
Lining up all season with pessimistic first elevens',
'why we couldn't sniff a win,
Losing to low class oppositions,
I took a while to stress you just to make everything better,
But music asking too much like inquisitive new tenants,
You know me too well like a pair of sunk shafts,
I'd never do nothing to hurt you,
Only if hurting you makes you feel better,
Reverse your words then pump the brakes and hold me close,
Let's burn the cardigan,
They can't knock our hustle when the doors are made of rugged knives,
I paid the price so you could keep the change and redesign the plan,
To build our house on love and metaphors, decipher semaphors,
You're beautiful without the eye lashes,
My eyes' focused on lashings for now,
I'm lashing out on tragedies and kerfuffle,
Put me in your plans or let me know what plans you plan to put me in,
And i'm ready to let Regy know what you do to me,
Can't even call it love,
I feel the pressure telling on my valves,
Like you' vandalizing my temples,
And your name been' in reverb for 20 hours in a day,
I'm building castles in the rain,
Can't stand to watch the feeling fade away,
I hope you stay,

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