Maez301 – Fake Love Lyrics

Maez301 – Fake Love Lyrics


[Verse 1]
Everything is imported, whips is imported
But tell me what's really important
Is it the fact that my lane's changed
Or is it the fact that I remain the same
Cause they don't love him
They say do never trust him
When I was down I had nothing
Now how much she wanna fuck him
Shawty really frontin', don't need you bitches for nothing
Give me head we ain't fucking
Most you hoes is up to something
I remember they used to duck him
Now the just tryin' to cuff him
Haters was tyring to bust him
Now they all dying to love him
It never changes, I guess they do
See me I remain the same but they are not the same dudes
So I pull up with the same crew but never with the same bitch
Still all I'm talking bout is money you don't speak my language
Came up with niggas that's who I split the change with
Going I ain't had a buck that's who I get the change with
Now everyday we change whips
Now everyday we change hoes
Member back in high school rocking them hand me down clothes
Now the shirt be Versace and shoes Loius Viton
Bitch I'm running my city and I won't pass the baton
They treat him just like Usain
Look how far he done came
Can't tell if anyone's real I think I'm going insane
But this money my medication and it be healing all right
Go and feel like I'm levitating my eyes be shining all bright
This the payoff of some long nights and some cold winters
Empty fridge no cable eating tv dinners
I vividly remember you left me to die
I was all alone, so alone I ride

Alone I ride, just thinking where I'm at
Thinking how far I've come and how I'm never going back
Just trying to play my hand no I can never fold
If all I get is one shot then imma let it go

All of a sudden they trynna show me love
Is it just because – my chain don't flow my whip won't judge your bitch wan' fuck, yeah

Yeah they know, I came up
But I know they hate us
They get sick when I'm pulling in
Bad bitch she gon bring some friends
Frisk before we let them in
Trust me I know better than that
From poverty and I ain't ever going back
Ignore the fake shit, it'll never ever end
Just goin to get the bag but I swear I recommend
Overseas, where I'm at
I came straight out the trap
Now I'm living, now they livid
Now the picture hella vivid

Now I'm only talking digits
Money taller than a midget
With my squadron imma split it
They was here from the beginning, man
But niggas didn't get it until they saw how I was living
Now my wrist is hella frigid
We get the money then we spend it, yeah
We livin' on a mission
We won't stop till we get it
Only the strongest survive, we still alive
They thought we would all just die but still we ride yeah

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